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marvel_gen's Journal

Marvel Gen
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What can I post here?

This community is for posting gen Marvel fanworks. We accept fic, art, fan comics and vids.

What is gen?

We defines gen as fanworks which are romance-free (ie. fanworks in which romance is not the focus). Fanworks posted here can contain romantic relationships, so long as the story is strongly gen. All ratings are permitted.

What are these weekly challenges?

Every other week, a marvel_gen mod will post a prompt. Members are encouraged to produce fanworks based on these prompts. You do not have to participate in challenges in order to be a member, or to post other fanworks. You do not have to participate in previous challenges, in order to participate in a current one.

What about the meme?

marvel_gen started as an anon meme for Marvel gen fic and art. The meme is still taking new prompts and fills here. If you fill a prompt, please drop the link in this post.

Posting Format

All posts should have a header, including all of the applicable information below:


Please do not use special fonts, colours, or sizes in your header. When posting art, you can include a small teaser image. When posting fic, you can include a short teaser paragraph. Everything else must be behind an lj-cut.

What is a spoiler?

We consider images from and the plot details of the last three issues of a comic to be a spoiler. All spoilers must be clearly marked in the header. Eg. Spoilers for the most recent issue of Uncanny X-Men!

What should I warn for?

This community requires warnings for: rape, graphic violence, child abuse, self-harm and character death. Additionally, please use your judgement to warn for anything you think might be triggering in your fanworks.

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